Nuclear Disarmerment - A Critcal Assessment

Read Rebecca Johnson’s 2019 analysis of the Nuclear Ban Treaty’s origins, provisions and purpose, just been published in the new book from the Norwegian Nobel Institute, Nuclear Disarmament: A Critical Assessment. Dr Johnson’s chapter, titled ‘The Nuclear Ban Treaty and Humanitarian Strategies to Eliminate Nuclear Threats’, assesses the 2017 TPNW one year on and answers criticisms from US-UK arms controllers who have branded the Ban Treaty dangerous, while justifying the nuclear weapons programmes of their own governments and a handful of others. Comprising 16 chapters on various aspects of nuclear-related questions, Nuclear Disarmament: A Critical Assessment, edited by BÃ¥rd Nikolas Vik Steen and Olav Njolstad, is published by Routledge: Taylor & Francis Group (London and New York), 2019.

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