Disarmament Diplomacy

Disarmament Diplomacy (DD) was the Acronym Institute’s journal from 1996, funded by the Ford Foundation, Ploughshares Fund and Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. Founded and edited by Dr Sean Howard until 2004, Disarmament Diplomacy became an important journal of record, with cutting edge analyses of major developments in disarmament, treaty-building and security policies.

From 2005-09, Disarmament Diplomacy continued to be published as a quarterly, until funding cuts led to its demise in 2009. DD issues 1 to 92 were archived electronically in three groups, but over the past decade changes in website technologies resulted in loss of access. We have taken steps now to restore accessibility to archived issues of Disarmament Diplomacy, Disarmament Documentation, and ACRONYM Reports via the links below.
Please contact info(at)acronym.org.uk if you encounter broken links in the future.


Disarmament Diplomacy (Issues 1 – 88)



Disarmament Diplomacy (Issue 89 – 92)





Acronym Reports (1 – 13)



Disarmament Documentation (January 2009 – February 2012)