via the BBC

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has refused to divulge “operational details” of what happened during a Trident test last June.

It is reported that a missile went off course, but the government has not confirmed or denied this.

Theresa May was told about the test when she became prime minister in July, shortly before MPs voted overwhelmingly to renew Trident.

Sir Michael told the Commons he had “absolute confidence” in the system.

Labour and the SNP have urged the government to explain whether the test firing from HMS Vengeance went wrong.

The Sunday Times reported an unarmed missile had been set off from the submarine off the coast of Florida but, rather than head towards Africa, had veered towards the US.

CNN quoted an unnamed US defence official on Monday as saying the missile did deviate from its intended trajectory as part of an automatic self-destruct sequence.

Sir Michael was asked several times by MPs to say whether or not the test missile had gone off course as reported.

He said: “I can assure the House that the capability and effectiveness of of the United Kingdom’s independent nuclear deterrent is not in doubt.

“The government has absolute confidence in our deterrent and in the Royal Navy.”

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