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Military killer robots create a moral dilemma

Arguments against the use of such machines by armed forces are blurred in the fog of war by John Thornhill via The Financial Times Imagine this futuristic scenario: a US-led coalition is closing in on Raqqa determined to eradicate Isis. The … Read More

Seeking Action on Autonomous Weapons

CCW Report, Vol. 3, No.2 by Ray Acheson via Reaching Critical Will  The third UN meeting on lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS) opened on Monday morning with a general discussion by states. Once again, the majority of delegates taking the floor agreed … Read More

US Nuclear Security Summit Shadowed by Rising Terrorism

When some of the world’s major nuclear powers meet in Washington DC next Friday, they will be shadowed by the rising terrorist attacks– largely in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. by Thalif Deen via Inter Press Service The 2016 … Read More