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South Asia Nuclear Crisis

India and Pakistan Nuclear Tests, 1998

Detailed commentary on the tests and their implications for regional and global non-proliferation and disarmament efforts is included in Disarmament Diplomacy No. 28, July 1998.

Statements and Developments June - September 1998

I. India Nuclear Tests

A. Statements by India
  • Statement to Parliament by Prime Minister Vajpayee, 27 May
  • Vajpayee letter to President Clinton, 12 May
  • Joint Statement of Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), 17 May
  • Government Press Release, 15 May
  • Press Conference by Weapons Scientists, 17 May
  • Other Comment (former Prime Minister Chandrashekhar; former Finance Minister Chidambaram; Communist MP Indrajit Gupta)

B. Statements by Pakistan

  • Statement to the CD, 14 May

C. International Comment

  • UN (Secretary-General Annan; Security Council; General Assembly; Under-Secretary General for Disarmament Dhanapala)
  • G8 (15 May statement)
  • Australia (Foreign Minister Downer)
  • Canada (Foreign Minister Axworthy)
  • China (Foreign Ministry statements)
  • Denmark (Foreign Ministry statement)
  • Finland (Prime Minister Lipponen)
  • France (Foreign Ministry & Government statements)
  • Germany (CD Statement; Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development)
  • Iraq (Al-Thawra newspaper)
  • Japan (Chief Cabinet Secretary; Statement to the CD)
  • Kazakhstan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Statement)
  • Malaysia (Foreign Ministry statement)
  • Russia (President Yeltsin; Foreign Minister Primakov)
  • South Africa (Foreign Ministry statement)
  • Sweden (Foreign Minister Persson; Foreign Aid Minister Schori)
  • Ukraine (Foreign Ministry statement)
  • UK (Foreign Secretary Cook)
  • US (President Clinton; Fact Sheet on Sanctions; Secretary of State Albright; Senator Jesse Helms; Rep. Newt Gingrich)
  • Other Reaction (Dalai Lama)

II. Pakistan Nuclear Tests

A. Statements by Pakistan
  • Comment & Statement by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, 28 May
  • Remarks by Foreign Secretary Shamshad Ahmed, 30 May
  • Remarks by Foreign Minister Gohar Ayub Khan, 31 May
  • Interview with chief weapons scientist, 31 May
  • Statement to the CD, 28 May

B. Statements by India

  • Foreign Ministry statements, 28 May
  • Foreign Ministry statements, 31 May
  • Other Comment (Prime Minister Vajpayee; Defence Minister Fernandes; former Prime Minister Gujral)
C. International Comment
  • UN(Secretary-General Annan; Security Council; General Assembly)
  • NATO-Russia (Joint Permanent Council statement)
  • IAEA (Director General El Baradei)
  • 47-State Statement to the CD (Delivered by New Zealand)
  • Australia (Foreign Minister Downer)
  • Canada (Prime Minister Chretien; Foreign Ministry statement)
  • Chile (Foreign Ministry statement)
  • China (Foreign Ministry statements)
  • France (Foreign Ministry spokesperson)
  • Germany (Foreign Minister Kinkel)
  • Japan (Chief Cabinet Secretary)
  • Russia (Foreign Ministry spokesperson; Ambassador Vasily S. Sidorov)
  • South Africa (Foreign Ministry statement)
  • UK (Foreign Secretary Cook)
  • US (President Clinton; Defense Secretary Cohen; Deputy Defense Secretary Talbott)

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