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Reinforcing the Global Nuclear Order for Peace and Prosperity: The Role of the IAEA to 2020 and Beyond - Commission of Eminent Persons Report, IAEA, May 2008

High-Level Panel Issues Report on the IAEA's Future

IAEA Staff Report, 3 June 2008

Full text of the report is available at: www.acronym.org.uk/docs/0805/2020report0508.pdf

The Commission of Eminent Persons, a high-level panel of international experts, has issued a comprehensive report and recommendations for the future of the IAEA.

The report - entitled Reinforcing the Global Nuclear Order for Peace and Prosperity: The Role of the IAEA to 2020 and Beyond - was presented to the Agency's Board of Governors this week. The Commission reviewed areas such as the prioritization of the IAEA's key areas of work, and options and approaches to funding.

IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei established the independent Commission of Eminent Persons in autumn 2007 to reflect upon the nature and scope of the Agency's programme up to 2020 and beyond. Membership of the Commission was drawn from a wide range of expertise - public policy making, management, finance and technology. The Commission was chaired by Professor Ernesto Zedillo, former President of Mexico. The Commission's report addresses the many challenges and opportunities which the Agency faces in the coming years and sets out concrete recommendations.

"I believe the Report succinctly encapsulates the challenges and opportunities facing the Agency in both the short and medium term," Dr. ElBaradei said in his statement to the Board. "I trust that your governments will give the recommendations the serious consideration they deserve and embark in the coming months on a structured discussion of the way ahead." He said he intends to include an item on the agenda of the September Board to launch such a process.

Source: International Atomic Energy Agency, www.iaea.org.

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