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Statement by UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband on behalf of the P5+1, 2 May 2008

P-5+1 Statement Following is the text of a statement issued by UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband on behalf of the P5+1.

See also: Russian Foreign Ministry Statement

FOREIGN SECRETARY MILIBAND: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. We've just had a positive and productive meeting of five Foreign Ministers and the Vice Foreign Minister from China to talk about the next steps in our approach to the grave problem that we see in respect of Iran's nuclear program.

Firstly, we're united in our belief that the threat posed by this enrichment program to stability is very serious, and it's one that we want to address directly.

Secondly, we're united in our determination to pursue a twin-track strategy. Last month, at our instigation, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 1803, setting out a range of sanctions, the third set of sanctions against Iran.

But we've always been clear that should be accompanied by an offer to Iran showing the benefits of engagement and cooperation with the international community. And our meeting today has been dedicated towards taking the offer that we made in June 2006, reviewing it, and updating it. And I'm glad to say that we've got agreement on an offer that will be made to the Government of Iran.

Thirdly, we will be transmitting that offer. We won't be revealing details except to the Government of Iran, and we very much hope that they will recognize the seriousness and the sincerity with which we've approached this issue, and that they will respond in a timely manner to the suggestions that we are making.

Iran says that it wants to play a constructive role. We believe that the rights that it seeks needs to be accompanied by a clear set of responsibilities. And it's in the spirit of seeking to fulfill both rights and responsibilities that we're making the new approach to Iran on the basis of today's meeting.

Thank you very much indeed.

Source: US Department of State, www.state.gov.

Russian MFA Information and Press Department Commentary in Connection with Foreign Secretary David Miliband's Statement on Outcomes of Six-Nation Foreign Ministers' Meeting Held in London on May 2

We were surprised by the statement of Foreign Secretary David Miliband published on the British MFA website and purporting to be made on behalf of all the foreign ministers of the six countries who took part in the London May 2 meeting on Iran.

On the meeting's outcomes Miliband was authorized by the ministers to issue as the chair of the meeting a communication, stating the discussion results factologically. The ministers had not elaborated or, moreover, discussed any new political assessments of the character of the "problems" or "threats" of Iran's nuclear program. Thus, the relevant qualifications by Miliband reflect his personal point of view, not the collective opinion of the six nations, at least, not ours.

We proceed in our assessments of the situation surrounding the Iranian nuclear program and of its nature from the relevant provisions of the UN Security Council resolutions which, as is known, Russia has supported.

Source: Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, www.russianembassy.org.

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