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Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk on Missile Defence, January 18, 2008

Poland and Slovakia create eastern dimension of european neighbourhood policy, Warsaw, January 18, 2008

Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that the main reason for his visit to Bratislava was the need for preparing conditions for further intensive economic cooperation between the two countries. "It is nearly of symbolic dimension that when friends meet, they talk about how and when to build bridges and how to create common energy safety", said Donald Tusk. The Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Robert Fico added that the communication between Poland and Slovakia was on a very high level not only as far as bilateral, but also as multilateral talks were concerned conducted on the European Union forum...

The head of Polish government assured that the common intention of Poland and the Czech Republic conducting negotiations on the deployment of elements of the American anti-missile shield on their territories is to build an atmosphere of mutual confidence. He said Poland strongly wanted the question of defence systems, including the anti-missile ones, to become an element of NATO, European and Euro-Atlantic security systems. The prime minister announced that in connection with the negotiations on the shield he would soon pay a visit to Washington.

Source: The Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Republic of Poland, http://www.kprm.gov.pl/

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Poland and the Czech Republic want to coordinate actions during negotiations on the anti-missile shield, January 10, 2008

After his talks with Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek, Chairman of the Council of Ministers Donald Tusk stressed that he accepted with great satisfaction the stance of the Czech side regarding common actions of the two countries during negotiations with the United States. "We want to coordinate our activities during the negotiations and exchange information", he added. According to Donald Tusk, separate standpoints of the Czech Republic and Poland concerning the installation of the anti-missile shield would be rather senseless.

The Polish Prime Minister is of the opinion that the most important issue concerning the shield is not the date of the finalisation of the negotiations, but the fulfilment of Polish and Czech expectations. Also the matters pertaining to energy safety, including the Northern Pipeline, cooperation of the two states within the European Union and the so-called historic policy in the region were raised during the meeting. Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that Poland would take advantage of Czech experiences during this state's presidency in the European Union.

According to Prime Minister Donald Tusk, relations between the two countries in terms of the level of understanding and ability to work out common standpoints are of exceptional character. During a few hours' visit in Prague, the head of Polish government was also received by President of the Czech Republic Vacláv Klaus.

Source: The Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Republic of Poland, http://www.kprm.gov.pl/

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