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'The actual report was not provided to UNMOVIC or to IAEA', UNMOVIC report to the UN Security Council, November 26

'Briefing of the Security Council, 26 November 2003', Fifteenth quarterly report on the activities of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission [UNMOVIC] in accordance with paragraph 12 of Security Council resolution 1284 (1999), excerpt on the US Iraq Survey Group report.

3. During the period under review, no information was available to UNMOVIC on the results of the investigations of the United States-led Iraq Survey Group, other than the statement released to the public on the interim progress report made by the Group to the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and other committees within the United States Congress. The actual report was not provided to UNMOVIC or to IAEA. The general impression from the statement released is that most of the findings outlined in the statement relate to complex subjects familiar to UNMOVIC, both from declarations and semi-annual reports provided by Iraq and from correspondence, meetings and the inspection reports of United Nations teams. In the absence of access to the full progress report and the findings, documents, interviews and materials supporting and underlying the report, the Commission is not in a position to properly assess the information provided in the statement.


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