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Disarmament Diplomacy

Issue No. 25, April 1998

US and Romania Sign Non-Proliferation Cooperation Pact

In Washington on 30 March, the US and Romania signed a defence cooperation agreement designed to enhance the two States' cooperation in the fight against proliferation and terrorism involving weapons-of-mass-destruction. Under the agreement, the US will supply Romania with a range of equipment to help it detect and identify illicit materials and technology. Speaking at the signing ceremony, US Defense Secretary William Cohen stated:

"The spread of deadly chemical and biological or nuclear weapons pose a serious threat to the United States and to all peace-loving countries... Romania and the United States realize that we have to do all that we can to prevent terrorists or rogue nations from acquiring and using such weapons, and this agreement is going to make us partners in that campaign."

For Romania, Defence Minister Constantin Ionescu told reporters: "I believe that we can play a very important role in the region. This agreement is a very important step forward." Ionescu added that he hoped the agreement would help advance the cause and date of Romanian admission into NATO: "

For Romania, NATO membership is a strategic goal and we will fight for membership. I believe that we will be invited to join NATO."

Reports: US, Romania agree to curb arms growth, Reuters, 30 March; US, Romania sign defense pact, Associated Press, 30 March.

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