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Issue No. 25, April 1998

US-Russia 'Closed Cities' Initiative

'United States Partners with Russia to Create Economic Opportunities in 'Closed' Cities.' US Department of Energy (DOE) Press Release R-98-038, 31 March 1998


"US Secretary of Energy Federico Peña joined Yevgeniy Adamov, Russian Acting Minister of Atomic Energy, today in a pledge to support economic opportunities in cities that make up the Russian nuclear weapons production complex. Scientific and technical projects that team the US Department of Energy's national laboratories with Russian nuclear institutes will be focused on creating civilian ventures in these formerly 'closed' cities.

'We have made significant progress in securing nuclear materials to reduce the worldwide risk of nuclear proliferation,' said Secretary Peña. 'We are now turning to a new area discussed during recent bilateral commission talks led by Vice President Gore: broadening US support to help create new economic opportunities in former "nuclear cities."' The officials agreed to explore opportunities to create commercial enterprises that would supply a broad economic base in the nuclear cities while creating opportunities for partnerships with US national laboratories and investment by private industry.

Secretary Peña and Minister Adamov also issued a statement affirming progress toward an agreement between the United States and Russia on the management and disposition of plutonium no longer needed for weapons. This will be an important step toward technical cooperation on pilot and small-scale demonstration projects. While the agreement still requires formal government approval, the Secretary and Minister expressed their hope for early approval and a signing by the leaders of the two States.

Secretary Peña is in Moscow attending the meeting of energy ministers from the G-8 countries to discuss energy and environmental issues. Set to begin Tuesday evening, the meeting will focus on mutual interests in energy security, including diversifying energy sources and promoting clean, renewable energy technologies. ...

The energy talks follow the June 1997 Summit of the Eight in Denver, Colorado, and the results will be reported to the summit scheduled for May 1998 in Great Britain."

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