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Disarmament Diplomacy

Issue No. 26, May 1998

CD Update
by Rebecca Johnson

The nuclear tests by India and Pakistan have dominated proceedings at the CD, since it resumed its session on 11 May. The 14 May plenary heard over 40 statements condemning India for testing and calling on Pakistan to refrain from retaliating in kind. After Pakistan conducted its nuclear explosions at the end of the month, a special session of the CD was convened on 2 June at the request of New Zealand and Australia. This session heard 45 statements condemning both sets of tests and raising serious concerns about the threats to regional and international security and the non-proliferation regime. A statement read by New Zealand Ambassador Clive Pearson on behalf of 47 delegations, including the P-5, said that the tests undermined the process of disarmament and the goal of eliminating nuclear weapons. The statement - reproduced in full in this issue -called on India and Pakistan to cease testing, renounce their weapons programmes and unconditionally sign and ratify the CTBT.

On 14 May the CD, chaired by Ambassador Taher Al-Hussami of the Syrian Arab Republic, agreed to appoint the following chairs and special coordinators: Chair of the ad hoc committee on negative security assurances (NSA) - Antonio de Icaza of Mexico; special coordinator on landmines - John Campbell of Australia; special coordinator on preventing an arms race in outer space (PAROS) - H.M.G.S. Palihakkara; special coordinator on transparency in armaments - Pavel Grecu of Romania; special coordinator on improved and effective functioning of the CD - Javier Illanes of Chile; special coordinator on review of the CD agenda - Peter Naray of Hungary; special coordinator on expansion of the CD - Erwin Hofer of Switzerland.

This part of the CD session runs to 26 June. A fuller analysis of CD activities and statements will be provided in the next edition of Disarmament Diplomacy.

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