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Disarmament Diplomacy

Issue No. 17, July - August 1997

ABM Treaty Demarcation Agreement

Statement by Standing Consultative Committee (SCC), Geneva, 21 August 1997

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"The Standing Consultative Commission (SCC) concluded its 55th session today with the successful completion of detailed negotiations on several important documents. Under Article XIII of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty between the United States and the USSR, the SCC meets periodically to promote the objectives and implementation of the Treaty. The United States along with Belarus, Kazakstan, the Russian Federation and Ukraine, as USSR successor States, have been participating in the work of the SCC since 1993.

At this SCC session, the negotiations have been concluded on two major questions: demarcation between anti-ballistic missile systems limited by the Treaty and theater ballistic missile defense (TMD) systems which are not limited by the Treaty, and succession to the ABM Treaty by these four States of the former Soviet Union. The SCC completed an Agreed Statement relating to higher velocity TMD which implements the understandings reached by US President Clinton and Russian President Yeltsin during the Summit Meeting in Helsinki in March 1997. The SCC participants also agreed on the texts of a Memorandum of Understanding providing for succession to the treaty; an Agreed Statement dealing with lower velocity TMD systems; an Agreement on Confidence-Building Measures related to lower and higher velocity TMD systems; and new SCC operating regulations. The delegations of the SCC participating States agreed to refer the texts of these agreements to their respective governments for approval and signature this fall on a date to be determined."

Source: 'Text: Geneva negotiations conclude on ABM demarcation issues,' United States Information Agency, 21 August.

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