Parliamentary Update 9th June 2015

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9 June 2015

party to the NPT; and calls on the Government instead to join with 107 NPT member states who called in New York for a nuclear weapons ban, which is widely supported by civil society groups led by the International Campaign To Abolish Nuclear Weapons.


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EDM 73 - Trident and the Strategic Defence and Security Review


Date tabled: 02.06.2015

Primary sponsor: Corbyn, Jeremy

Sponsors: Lucas, Caroline; Oswald, Kirsten; Paterson, Steven; Williams, Hywel; Durkan, Mark;


That this House notes that a decision on the replacement of the Trident nuclear weapon submarines is due in the life of this Parliament; further notes that the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) will precede that decision; recognises that international circumstances have significantly changed from those in which the current Trident missile system was conceived, designed and constructed; further recognises the Government's decision to require departments to reduce expenditure; and therefore calls on the Government to ensure that the SDSR sets out how it has considered the delivery of UK defence and security capability without nuclear weapons, including threat assessments, estimated costs and all non-nuclear options, as a basis for public debate ahead of the replacement decision.

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3. Publications and Papers


International treaty: [TS No. 10/2015] Protocol to the Treaty on a Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone in Central Asia


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Membership of Cabinet Committee

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4. Nominations for Select Committee Chairs


All nominations received for select committee Chairs are listed here including Defence Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee.


Chair nominations for Defence Committee

The nominations for Select Committee Chairs ran from 4-10 June and the ballot will be on Wednesday 17 June from 10am to 5pm. Below, you can find the full list of nominees for the Defence Committee, the Committee Chair will be a member of the Conservative Party.


•  Richard Benyon

•  Dr Julian Lewis

•  Bob Stewart


Chair nominations for the Foreign Affairs Committee

The nominations for Select Committee Chairs ran from 4-10 June and the ballot will be on Wednesday 17 June from 10am to 5pm. Below, you can find the full list of nominees for the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Committee Chair will be a member of the Conservative Party.


•  Mr John Baron

•  Crispin Blunt

•  Richard Graham

•  Daniel Kawczynski

•  Nadhim Zahawi


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5. Media watch


US nuclear missiles may return to Britain over Russia threat: Foreign Secretary says Government will consider hosting weapons for first time since Cold War


Jack Doyle, Political Correspondent for the Daily Mail.

June 8th 2015.

Britain could once again host US nuclear missiles amid growing tensions with Russia, Philip Hammond indicated yesterday. The Foreign Secretary said the Government ‘would look at the case’ for cruise missiles to be sited in the UK. He added that Britain needed to send ‘clear signals’ to Vladimir Putin amid ‘worrying signs’ of increased military activity by Russian forces – including the installation of missiles in Kaliningrad, an enclave on the Baltic Sea.

The US is considering scrapping a Cold War-era treaty and deploying missiles in Europe in response. Asked on BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show if he would back the plans, Mr Hammond said: ‘We would look at the case. We work extremely closely with the Americans.

‘That would be a decision that we would make together if that proposition was on the table. We have got to send a clear signal to Russia that we will not allow them to transgress our red lines.’

However, he added that the West would not want to ‘make unnecessary provocations’, and said the question about nuclear missiles was a hypothetical one. Any such move would raise fears about a new Cold War arms race amid continuing tensions with Russia over the Ukraine.

The siting of US cruise missiles at RAF Greenham Common in Berkshire in the 1980s led to years of clashes between police and protesters, mainly women, who set up a series of peace camps near the military base. The camps began in September 1981 and the first blockade of the base occurred in May 1982. In April 1983, about 70,000 protesters formed a 14-mile human chain from Greenham to Aldermaston and the ordnance factory at Burghfield. Media attention surrounding the camp prompted the creation of others at more than a dozen sites in Britain and

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