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Statements by India

South Asia Nuclear Crisis - Special Feature

Ministry of External Affairs Statements, 28 May

Official Press Releases, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, 28 May 1998

I: "We have heard the news of Pakistan's nuclear tests. Full facts are being ascertained. Pakistan's nuclear tests have confirmed what has been known all along - that that country has been in possession of nuclear weapons. This event vindicates our assessment and our policy, as well as the measures that have been taken. We expect that those who disagreed with us will reassess their stand. The Government have taken all steps necessary for safeguarding the nation's security."

II: "Our High Commissioner in Pakistan was called in by the Pakistan Foreign Secretary at 0210 hours (IST) this morning. The Pakistan Foreign Secretary conveyed to our High Commissioner that India was preparing to attack the nuclear facilities of Pakistan. Our High Commissioner dismissed this as an utterly absurd and malicious allegation. Pakistan has also sought to spread this canard in the UN and some important world capitals. In the normal course we would not have lent dignity to this vicious propaganda, but as it could be part of a more nefarious design, we would like to make it clear that India stands committed to uphold its treaty obligations and agreements including the India-Pakistan Agreement on the Prohibition of Attack against Nuclear Installations and Facilities. There is no intention, on our part, to heighten tension between India and Pakistan. We see in these Pakistani efforts yet another example of their deep frustration. We are confident that all concerned will reject these crude manifestations of the traditional Pakistani mindset of hostility against India."

Ministry of External Affairs Statements, 31 May

Official Press Releases, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, 31 May 1998

I: "We are in the knowledge of Pakistan having conducted one more nuclear test today. The development was expected. Facts are being ascertained. ... As is well known, India is already observing a voluntary moratorium. Pakistan has sought to justify the nuclear tests by projecting an alleged threat from India. As [the] Prime Minister has already stated, India does not pose a threat to Pakistan. The Prime Minister reiterated the offer to hold discussions with Pakistan on a no-first-use agreement reflecting our desire to maintain peace and security in the region. ... [The] Government remains fully prepared to deal firmly and effectively with any threat to India's national security."

II: "India calls upon all the NWS and indeed the international community to join with it in opening early negotiations for an NWC [Nuclear Weapons Convention] so that these weapons can be dealt with in a global, non-discriminatory framework as the other two weapons of mass destruction have been, through the Biological Weapons Convention and the Chemical Weapons Convention... The international community can rest assured that, on our part, there is no desire to heighten tension and Pakistan faces no threat from India."

Other Indian Comment

Remarks by Prime Minister Vajpayee, 29 May

"These tests vindicate our policy. We had apprehensions about this... A new situation has been created and it will be taken into account in formulating our policy."

Source: India ponders next move as Pakistan settles score, Reuters, 29 May.

Remarks by Defence Minister George Fernandes, 29 May

"Pakistan has made a declaration on Kashmir, saying any peace talks hinge on Kashmir. To resile from that statement they did not have to explode their ping-pong balls."

Source: India ponders next move as Pakistan settles score, Reuters, 29 May.

Remarks by Former Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral, 29 May

"Now that both countries have deterrents, both should talk sensibly."

Source: India ponders next move as Pakistan settles score, Reuters, 29 May.

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