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Disarmament Diplomacy

Issue No. 41, November 1999

Editor's Introduction

November's issue opens with an editorial in which Rebecca Johnson considers whether the world is sleepwalking towards nuclear war.

The shock waves from the United States Senate vote rejecting ratification of the CTBT in October continue to reverberate. In Opinion & Analysis George Bunn and John B. Rhinelander argue that the Senate vote does not spell the end of the CTBT and call for a return to the rule of international law in US domestic affairs.

Writing on the Clinton Administration's approach to chemical and biological arms control Leslie-Anne Levy of the Henry L. Stimson Center seeks to counter previous articles by putting forward a more sympathetic analysis of the US industry position.

In Getting the Inspectors Back Into Iraq Douglas Scott of the Markland Group contrasts two of the competing resolutions on Iraq currently before the UN Security Council.

Following the United Nations General Assembly's adoption of the First Committee resolutions and decisions, Rebecca Johnson provides an overall assessment, with a detailed appendix covering all the resolutions.

Documents and Sources includes recent key statements such as a recent speech by Republican Presidential candidate George W Bush on US Foreign Policy, a summary of the Pentagon appointed Welch Panel's report which urges a delay in US national missile defence deployment, and a speech by Abdus Sattar, Pakistan's Foreign Minister, responding to India's nuclear doctrine. This section also references relevant website addresses.

News Review includes reflections on recent newswire coverage of the US Senate's rejection of the CTBT, ballistic missile defence and the ABM Treaty, reported Russian plans to fly nuclear bombers to Cuba and Viet Nam, ballistic missile proliferation, the new US National Ignition Facility task force, doubts about Canada's plutonium plans, reform of the DOE, the opening of the first US-Russian nuclear assistance centre, and news that Britain has eliminated its stockpile of anti-personnel landmines.

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