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Issue No. 40, September - October 1999

Statement by Indian Prime Minister

"Statement by the Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee", Ministry of External Affairs Press Release (http://www.indiagov.org), October 13, 1999.

"We are concerned about the developments in Pakistan. We are monitoring the situation and keeping ourselves fully informed. India's policy towards Pakistan is consistent and principled. We wish the people of Pakistan well. We remain committed to developing friendly and cooperative ties with Pakistan based on mutual trust and confidence, for which the Government of Pakistan needs to create the right environment".

India Foreign Ministry Statement

Ministry of External Affairs Press Release (http://www.indiagov.org), October 18, 1999.

"The steps outlined by General Musharraf [on 17 October] confirm that Pakistan is now effectively under what amounts to martial law... The Administrative structure to be put in place will be entirely under the direction and control of the Pakistan Armed Forces. ...

In the context of General Musharraf's comments on the State of Jammu and Kashmir...[India reiterates] that the entire State...is an integral part of the Indian Union. A part of the territory is under the illegal and forcible occupation of Pakistan. The State is at the very core of Indian nationhood. ...

With regard to General Musharraf's announcement of the return of forces moved to the international border in the recent past...let us be clear about this withdrawal offer. The withdrawal is intended to be from the international border where Pakistani troops had massed during the Kargil operations. All that is going to happen is that Pakistani troops from these locations will now go back to their barracks. Attempts, however, at transgressing the LoC continue, of which Kargil was an extreme manifestation".

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