General Sir Hugh Beach

General Sir Hugh Beach, Acronym Institute board member

General (retired) Sir Hugh Beach works mainly on defence policy, arms control and disarmament, and also on ethical issues concerning peace and war.  He joined the army in August 1941 in the Corps of Royal Engineers and saw active service in France 1944 and in Java 1946. During the 1960s he commanded an Engineer Regiment and an Infantry Brigade, both at Osnabrück in Germany. He was Director of Army Staff Duties at the Ministry of Defence 1971-3, Commandant of the Army Staff College at Camberley 1974-5, Deputy Commander-in-Chief United Kingdom Land Forces 1976-77 and Master General of the Ordnance (Army Board member for Procurement) 1977-81. Retiring from the army in the latter year, he was Warden of St. George's House, Windsor Castle 1981-86, vice-Lord Lieutenant Greater London 1981-87, Chief Royal Engineer 1982-87 and member of the Security Commission 1982-91. He chaired Ministry of Defence Study Groups on Censorship in War 1983 and Education in the Army 1984. He was Director of the Council for Arms Control 1986-89.

Sir Hugh lectures and has contributed chapters to over two dozen books as well as publishing a number of monographs, articles and book reviews. He co-authored, with Nadine Gurr, a book on British nuclear weapons policy. Sir Hugh has been on the Board of the Acronym Institute since 2005 and currently serves as Chair.  In addition to this he also a member of the Board or Executive Committee of the Council for Christian Approaches to Defence and Disarmament (CCADD), the Verification Training and Information Centre (VERTIC) and the British Pugwash Group.